Friday, August 2, 2019

Boursin Style Cheeses (Recipe)

A lovely delicious cheese plate is a thing of beauty!! :)

The other night, that's what we had for dinner. I bought the Brie and the Oka, but I made the three Boursin style "cream" cheeses. The recipes are super easy! (Click here for a printable version of this recipe)

1. First make some Sour Cream. I double my recipe.

2. Next, divide your finished sour cream into 3 portions.

3. And lastly, add your flavouring, here's what I did:

Green Onion Boursin: I took one whole green onion, sliced it and mixed it into the sour cream.

Cherry Boursin: I mixed about 2 tbsp of my Cherry Coulis into the sour cream.

Herb Boursin: I mixed about 1/2 tsp dried:
- parsley
- oregano
- thyme
- basil
- sage
- dill
I then added fresh chives, a few dashes of salt and a minced garlic clove - next time I will OMIT the garlic clove...omg...hard to digest, but if you can digest raw garlic, it's an AMAZING taste!!


Leigh said...

That's my kind of meal!

Rain said...

I totally agree Leigh!!! :)

baili said...

sounds easy and appealing dear Rain :)

Rain said...

Thanks Baili :) It's VERY easy to make, you can even use store-bought sour cream or cream cheese.

Magic Love Crow said...

When are you inviting me over for dinner? LOL! Looks amazing! Big Hugs!

Rain said...

Ha! Thanks Stacy :))