Saturday, August 10, 2019

A New Cheese Cave and Mould On The Cheddar

Hi Friends and Cheese Lovers! :)

How do you like the new look of the blog? I took a lot of old posts down that I found were a bit confusing. You see, when I started out cheese making in 2017, it was very challenging for me to find good information. I think that my old blog was all over the place! If a new cheese maker visits my blog, I want he or she to find clear and sound information! 

So...Murphy's Law anyone? 

Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

Not only did a Traditional Mozzarella fail on me the other day due to my BROKEN PH meter (not worth blogging about!!)... the old fridge, a.k.a. the cheese cave, DIED ON ME. I was so upset! I was afraid I'd lose all of my cheeses! It was only 12 years old, but as we all know, nothing is made like it used to be anymore...everything is made to be disposable so it seems!

Luckily one of the stores in Canada (Canadian Tire) had a similar fridge on sale $80 off so Alex and I drove the day after to pick it up. I think I saved my cheeses.

It's a decent size and at the lowest setting, it hits 9.9 Celcius. The ideal cheese aging temperature is between 10-12 Celcius, so I'm happy with 9.9! May the new Rainy Day Cheese Cave have a long and healthy life!!!

When I was putting the cheeses back into the new cave, I noticed some mould on my 3-Month Cheddar. Here is a video I took showing how to remove the mould off your cheese using homemade cheese brine. I'll post a recipe for cheese brine soon!


Leigh said...

Rain, your new cheese blog looks great! Very cheesy :). Your new cheese cave looks really nice and sounds like it has good temperature control. That will help so much. Great video too. Learning how to get a smooth cheese surface was a learning process for me too. I've used plain salt to rub out mould, but I like your methods better.

Rain said...

Thank you Leigh! :) I love all things cheesy!! :) I hope the new cheese cave holds on...I used to just try to rub out the mould with a wet paper towel, but the brine really works well! I'm going to post my recipe today.