Sunday, February 9, 2020

Goat Milk Feta Taste Test

Hi Friends! 😊

Here is the video of our Feta cheese taste test. I was so hyped up to taste this cheese and it turned out to be saltier than the Dead Sea!!! We will still try to salvage it by rinsing it under cold water, but the next time I make Feta (and there will be a next time!) - I'll cut down the salt solution in the brine!!

So...I won't post a recipe for this until I have a success!!

- My little hound dog Jack is doing his best to get my attention throughout the video. -

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Cheddar Taste Test (Two Cheddars Using Two Different Bacterial Cultures)

Hi Everyone :)

I recorded a taste test video for two of my Cheddars but the video just didn't turn out! I'll give you a quick summary in writing and add a video addendum below!

Yesterday I opened:

1. A Cheddar that I made in October 2019 that's been aging 3 months. For this cheese I used the culture MA4002 which is a mix between a mesophilic and a thermophilic culture. It's supposed to create a buttery texture and a milder taste.

2. A Cheddar that I made in July 2019 that's been aging 6 months. For this cheese I used the culture MA11 which is marketed as a "go to" mesophilic culture for hard cheeses.

A Cheddar that I opened a few months ago was made with MA11 and both Alex and I found it to be way too tangy for our liking. That's why I made another one with MA4002 to test if there would still be a tang.

Unfortunately the 6- month aged Cheddar (using MA11) was too tangy and yeasty. Sigh. The 3-month aged Cheddar (using MA4002) was also tangy but very edible and tasted like a Cheddar.

We recorded a follow up video after we paused for a bit to taste the cheeses again, here it is, but the conclusion is that I will never use MA11 again in my hard cheeses!

And just for fun, here is the pets' taste test video, they're so supportive! 😊