Thursday, September 5, 2019

Washing The Fontinas and Making Raclette Cheese

Hi Friends,

Today I'm posting a video to show you how to wash your cheese if you need to! Also, I'm about to start making a Raclette cheese. Raclette is actually a dish of roasted potatoes with melted cheese on top; but over the years, and with the invention of the Raclette machine, it's also known as a type of Swiss-style melty cheese...mmmm!

This was our New Year's Eve dinner in 2017. Alex and I had just found a Raclette machine at a thrift store and we wanted to try it! 

Back then I bought the cheese but I'm hoping that the cheese I start today will be ready for this New Year's Eve!

Oh the excitement of melted cheese!!! :)


Leanna said...

That looks delicious. I love melted cheese..

Rain said...

There's nothing like melted cheese Leanna!! :)

Fundy Blue said...

I dearly love melted cheese, Rain! But we rarely indulge. I had never heard of a Raclette machine before, and now I know way better than to get one for us. I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation, and I'd look like a big ball of cheese.

Your video was fun to watch. I like your soft, calm voice and how you focus on one step of the process. Short videos are good, because most people can make the time to watch one. I know I'll likely never make homemade cheese, but I am fascinated by observing your progress and by learning. Wishing you success with your cheese and looking forward to see how you progress.

I hope that you and Alex have a good weekend. I can't remember if I commented on the great standing desk that Alex but for you. That is definite love in action! And I was thrilled to learn that you are making progress in dealing with pain. We have to be proactive and do what we can to help ourselves. I hope the little squirrels are doing well. Are you going to put squirrel food out in the winter? Hugs to you!

Lowcarb team member said...

I just love melted cheese :)

All the best Jan

Rain said...

Thanks Louise :) I agree, the Raclette machine is DANGEROUS lol...we only bring it out once or twice a year though. But our fondue pot is just as dangerous I suppose! :) The stand up desk is working so well! Though last night I had a flare up and it brought me to tears...I need to find a comfy way to sit in bed! Still working on that. Otherwise, I don't feel pain throughout the day as long as I don't sit too long! Happy for that! We still see one of the squirrels, Spunky. We know it's him because he has a really specific pattern in his tail. He comes back for food and chirps at us each morning! Yes, we will definitely be putting food out all winter!!!

Rain said...

It's the best Jan! :)

sandy said...

I will probably never make cheese as it sounds too ambitious for me, lol but I will enjoy watching you do it and looking at the photos.

Rain said...

Thanks Sandy :) I just can't wait to taste some of the ones I've already started!!!