Monday, October 30, 2017

Cheddar #1 : Taste Update

Three months ago, I made my first Cheddar might remember all of the trouble it caused me from having to buy so many tools, to figuring out where to age it...then finally dealing with that nuclear "cheese coating". Remember what the box said? Just Add Milk...

The coating came right off but I have to say it stunk like something unnatural...nail polish remover maybe?? Anyway, we were a bit worried about the flavour. I had read that I should let it "air out" for a few days before eating it so that any lingering taste of plastic will dissipate. We couldn't help ourselves though! We tried it and yup, it tasted like that plastic coating.

But...the cheese is DARN GOOD!!! Once that initial taste is gone, the flavour of the cheese comes out. It was nice and mild but slightly tangy! There are some small holes, but that's due to the fact that I don't have a proper cheese press, but that's just fine. :) I would say that if I hadn't used the orange coating, this would have been a total success. We decided to cut the rind off and let it sit for a few days in hopes that it won't taste too plasticky anymore. But...if it does, this will be my first lesson to never use that stuff again. In fact, I've already decided not to. My second Cheddar which is aging 6 months is also coated so I'm going to take the coating off and let it also sit for a few days, then continue to age it.

The Cheddar on the bottom shelf is the 6-month coated one that I have to fix up. The red wine-infused Cheddar will be ready any time we want to try it. We also have a Newcastle-infused Cheddar for Christmas and a Cheddar aging for a year up there on the top shelf. I'm pretty confident that they'll taste great. Ideally I would love to not even have to seal them, but I don't have a real cheese cave yet so they need that protection!

Oh, and we get to try the Camemberts in a few weeks! I'm pretty pleased with the actual Cheddar cheese itself, and I'm very motivated to make more! :)