Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Opening The Camembert!

Hello Cheesy Friends :)

Well, I opened one of the Camemberts last night for Christmas Eve. 

It wasn't great. :(

As you can see it was terribly runny. I did some research and talked to a few buddies on a cheese forum. 


Meaning: I left it "aging" too long in the cheese cave.  The recipe I used stated that it could be ripened in the cheese cave for 3-5 weeks. I pushed it at six weeks. I should have taken it out of the 10 C cave after it ripened for 3 weeks, and put it into the cold fridge to stop the ripening process.

But funnily enough, I did the same thing last year and it was just fine! Cheese making is a real learning process!

It was still good, but really too strong for both me and Alex.

Next time I make this, I'll open it after three weeks I think. If I still have the same problem, I'll have to find a new recipe. I'm not sure what to do with the second wheel though. It's already stinking up the place lol...

Never give up!!! :)


wyomingheart said...

That a darn shame, Rain. Sorry I asked for you to post a pic on your garden blog. I should have known you'd post it here. Did you use a different manufacture on the chemicals when you made this batch? Just curious. My Colby is in the crisper, and I'm crossing my fingers on it. I will keep you posted. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Have a fantastic new year celebration!

Rain said...

Hi Dino :) Yeah...I've had many cheese disappointments, but then lots of successes! I am using a new company for the cultures, but they have such a good reputation, so I'm thinking more along the lines that it's the over-ripening.

When I started making cheese a year and a half ago, I followed online recipes and it was kind of hit and miss. I may take a cheese-making break until after we settle down in 2019 (hopefully we'll find our dream home!). When I start making cheese again, I will buy a good book with tested recipes. I need to learn more about various cultures and bacteria too.

I hope your Colby does really well!!! Have you ever made microwave Mozzarella? That's a really winner and so delicious, very quick and easy to make too!

Maybe I'll do a video on the quick Mozz next time I make it!

wyomingheart said...

Hi Rain! I'd love to see that video, as we do a lot with Mozzarella! We make our own pizza most of the time, as there isn't delivery on the ridge...lol. Home made pizza seems like it tastes better anyway! We like it better away from people anyway. Someone said we should open up our barn and have wedding venues, and we said that would never work because we don't like to be around people...haha! it wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't true. I do enjoy the blogs and learning new things from everyone, so thanks for sharing not only the successes, but also the failures!

Martha said...

Oh, that's too bad, Rain :( But at least you tried. Next time it might be much better!

Rain said...

Hi Dino :) I will make a video next time I make the quick Mozzarella - which is a Bocconcini rather than a pizza/brick style Mozz. Last year (I think before you followed me) I made 7 or 8 attempts at the pizza Mozzarella...failed each time until I finally bought a PH Meter...which was needed because pizza Mozzarella needs to reach a certain PH before you can start to stretch it then form it. I remember it was about 2 in the morning when I checked the PH and it was at the right number, I called out to Alex in glee and started to stretch it lol...it was my moment of glory! But that whole experience traumatized me I guess ha ha...because I haven't made it since!

One day I'll make it again, but it took over 12 hours to reach that PH, it was grueling. Since then we found a good Mozz at the cheese shop that isn't too pricey so we've been buying that instead.

Homemade pizza is ALWAYS better!! And we are the same, we don't really like people, we're good just the two of us! We rarely leave the house unless we have to! :)

Here is a really good You Tube site for home cheese making: Gavin Webber - The Cheeseman! I love this guy, learned a LOT from him.

Here is his video when he made the pizza Mozzarella: How To Make Real Mozzarella At Home

I hope the links work!!

Rain said...

Dino, the last link seemed not to work in the above comment, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CluOhy1zu9Q

Rain said...

Thanks Martha :) It was a disappointment, but we still ate it! :) Next time I'll know to stop the ripening quicker!

Magic Love Crow said...

That's too bad Rain! You work so hard with all your food! Big Hugs!

Rain said...

Thanks Stacy :) Yeah, it sucks...but that's how it goes with cheesemaking!!! I won't give up though!!

The Happy Whisk said...

Never give up for sure. What have you done with the second wheel? Would it work baked in a bread? Or in a potato dish? I really don't know as I don't eat dairy but I do know bread and cheese work well together.

Rain said...

Hi Ivy :) No, unfortunately the second wheel wasn't good, sigh. It was just way too strong. I know for next time to maybe just make one at a time and not let it ripen so long!

The Glossychic said...

Sorry for the cheesy disappointment. Don't loose guard because the future is more promising for you.
The Glossychic
Wonder Cottage