Sunday, October 21, 2018

Camembert Tutorial (Video)

Hi Everyone!

Since this past summer, I've enjoyed making videos on my main blog (Rain's Garden) so much, that I thought it might be fun to make a video tutorial of how I make my cheeses. Today I'm going to link a video on how to make Camembert. The whole process took me the entire day but I condensed the video down to under 30 minutes.

I encourage EVERYONE out there to do some cheese making! If you don't want to start big, start with making yogurt, or ricotta, or even sour cream! I'll be making videos of all of my cheese making from now on to share.

I'm also going to re-vamp this blog a little bit over the next few months to better organize it!

If you want to have a better view, when you play the video, you can click on the "YouTube" icon to watch it on You Tube, enjoy!!! :)


Glengarry Cheesemaking Company - Canadian company in Ontario for cheesemaking supplies
New England Cheesemaking Company - U.S. company for cheesemaking supplies


Fundy Blue said...

Hi, Rain! I watched your video from beginning to end. After a busy morning I was glad to take a couple of 15 minute breaks to watch it. I've never seen cheese made before, so I found it really interesting. I love your soft, calm voice ~ a pleasure to listen to. I thought you demonstrated and explained things very well. It's too bad your video didn't pick up the cutting of the curds, but at least your showing a closeup of the cross-hatched cuts helped show the size and shape of the curds.

One thing I noticed that you might want to think about when you make another video is that you used Fahrenheit degrees for your water bath temperature and Celsius degrees for your bar fridge temperature. I went back and checked because I didn't think your water temperature was in Celsius ~ that would be close to boiling. Perhaps people might not pick up on the two temperature scales. In another video you might want to mention the temperatures for each process in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Even if you used one scale consistently, stating both would make the correct temperatures available for everyone in the world!!! It was cute to hear your cat meowing in the background! I'll look forward to seeing the next video!

wyomingheart said...

Hello Rain! Thanks so much for the video. I have a quick question...
Does the cheese change color, and will it be a hard for soft cheese.
Thanks again, and would appreciate which company you purchase your supplies from.
Best regards!

Rain said...

Hi Louise! :) Thanks for watching! Oh I know...I'm so disappointed not having been able to video tape the curd cutting!! I think I must have pressed the photo button instead of the record button, time! :) And thanks for the suggestion! It's true, I did switch from F to C!! I guess we become set in our ways huh lol? I forget that people don't necessarily think the same way I do ha ha! Oh yes, Dana the cat...he wanted the cheese lol! :) Thanks for your support!!

Rain said...

Hi Dino! :) Thank you for watching! :) This particular cheese will be soft - I HOPE!! - it's a creamy, buttery mild cheese with a white moldy rind. The outside will be quite moldy, and the inside will turn a shade of yellowish white. You're in the States so that would be the New England Cheese Making company. They are the biggest one, I had an issue with their customer service twice and that would be the only reason I wouldn't recommend them, but I've known people who have had excellent service from them, so it's subjective. I buy most of my stuff now in Canada from a company called Glengarry. I put links under the video in my blog post!