Wednesday, May 23, 2018

🐭 Alpine Cheese - SUCCESS!!! 🐭

Hello my cheesy friends :)

I haven't written much on this blog in a while...the Cheddar fails nearly broke my cheese making spirit...and I didn't even mention my Dry Jack cheese fail (we opened it May 1st and it was sour!)...I nearly gave up on the cheese making. In fact, I wasn't going to renew this domain name but Alex encouraged me. I'm so glad he did. The Alpine cheese I made last October was a success!!! :) (I will find time shortly to post the recipe!) Aging it for 7 months made it really flavourful.

This is a "Baby Swiss" cheese. I had so many issues with it because I couldn't seal it properly due to its size. I had to cut it and seal it and that created too many pockets for mold so half the cheese was wasted, but what was left (above) tasted like a mix between Parmesan and Jarslberg!!

I was so encouraged that a few days later I put together a nice cheese platter for dinner. EVERYTHING on this platter was homemade or homegrown! (Except the red wine!) We had dinner on the screened-in veranda...yup, the black flies have emerged! We opened up the last of my homemade Camemberts...

...with my homemade No Knead Bread, I made a Quick Mozzarella, picked some homegrown Buttercrunch lettuce and Alex cubed up the Alpine cheese.

I made some Sour Cream and added a bit of Homemade Yogurt with maple syrup and it kind of tasted SLIGHTLY like Philly cream cheese! This was motivating, so I made my Boursin style cheeses, one with homegrown chives and one with candied cranberries. I also made a Cilantro Bruschetta (with homegrown chives and cilantro) and some Apple Butter. What a feast, and I'm so proud that NOTHING was processed! :)

Later on we decided to celebrate my cheese making with some Tom Collins'. :) It's a nice refreshing drink with lemon, gin and fuzzy water. :) Oscar the cat approved. :)

Walking the dogs each morning on the mountain brings me so much joy. Life is back to normal. The next rainy day I'll be making some more Alpine cheese and Cams! :) I hope to try a new recipe this summer now that my motivation is back. :)