Sunday, September 3, 2017

Twelve-Month Aged Cheddar and Newcastle Infused Cheddar

Just for the record (since I blogged about this already on my Garden blog), I made two new Cheddars this last week. My favourite beer in the whole world is Newcastle! 

So I pulled out my recipe for Cheddar (on the side bar) and made a Newcastle-Infused Cheddar (the wheel on the right). You can't imagine how amazing it smells...I need smello-rama for Blogger or something lol...I'm going to age this one until Christmas or New Year's. Every Christmas and New Year's Day, I make appetizers, cheese and charcuterie I'm not sure when we'll eat it, but it won't make it into 2018 that's for sure! :)

The cheese on the left is a regular Cheddar that will be aged for one year, ready on Labour Day 2018.

I've accomplished most of my cheese goals for the year in the last two months. I bought supplies to make Camembert, I can't wait to try that out. I'm just waiting to make more Curd cheese for our next poutine night. I have plans for cream cheese too when I need it for a recipe.

And I'm still itching to try a Blue. I just need to find the proper bacteria cultures, but also, I'm not sure I can age that in my little bar fridge/cheese cave. It could infect the other cheeses with it's special lovely mold...we'll see. 

Alex just sent me a list of cheeses he would love for me to make, and I'm up for the challenge:

Camembert Blue
Red Leicester

This is going to be fun!!! :)

The Colby is looking amazingly orange!!! And the Pizza Mozzarella is changing colours - I'm very pleased! I had to brush the Colby for mold dots this morning and as soon as it dries in a few hours, I'll be sealing both cheeses. This hobby has already been so rewarding and I haven't even tried most of them yet!!


Fundy Blue said...

Your cheeses are lovely to see. My mouth literally waters when I look at them. I could eat cheese ever meal, every day, but don't dare to! LOL

Rain said...

Ha ha ha...I said to Alex last know, each of these wheels of cheese are at least a pound...are we really going to eat a pound of cheese a week? He said "we have to"...that was good enough for me lol...I don't need an excuse for cheese EVER...I had a friend who ate so much cheese, I asked him if he was concerned about his heart, he said the red wine takes care of that. I like that logic!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Your cheese look better than store bought! That is quite an ambitious list. I just know you'll make everything on it LOL The cream cheese would be my number one! Some of that homemade on those Montreal bagels...mmmm...mmmm

Rain said...

Alex has more ambition since I'm the one making the cheese lol...actually I am quite ambitious and most of those cheeses he chose are ones I wanted to make already! I just have to think more about the blues. I don't want the other cheeses that might be drying and unsealed to take on the blue spores...need to do more research. Cream cheese on Montreal FAIRMOUNT bagels!!! I like St-Viateur, but Fairmount is better in my opinion :)) Though we can't find them here. But Mont Tremblant actually has a bagel factory and they sell them in St-Sauveur, where I do a lot of my grocery shopping each month so I try to get a bunch of fresh ones for the freezer.

Love Affair with Food said...

Wow, I visited a cheese making factory in Amsterdam and saw how it was made. Your cheese looks so amazing!

Rain said...

Hi Love Affair With Food :)) Thank you! I'm very pleased with the results so far, but the tasting will be the real test!! :)

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Limburger!! And do clothes pins come with that??!!?? :) :) :)

Newcastle is one of my husband's favorite beer to drink. We had it the very first time in, yes, Newcastle in England! Newcastle Upon Tyne is a lovely, lovely place. And great beer. But I bet its even better in cheese... :)

Rain said...

Ha ha ha Dianna...that is a Looney Tunes favourite...using Limburger as a weapon hee hee...Oh how lucky that you tried the beer where it's made! I just love it, it's so smooth. I think it'll go well in the Cheddar! We'll see at Christmas!